Who is Inspired?

Inspired Yoga and Wellness Inc. is the umbrella under which Nora Maskey and Inspired Yoga Institute offer classes, workshops, private sessions and trainings. Nora believes that taking good care of body, mind and spirit are priorities for living a happy, healthy and balanced life. You will find lots of information at, Nora Maskey Yoga and Inspired Yoga Institute. You can also click on the headings listed below to be redirected to a specific topic.

button-registerYoga Classes
You can expect to be both inspired and challenged in Nora’s classes regardless of your experience or ability. Nora’s teaching style is directive and detail oriented. Everyone is invited to come and explore up to their safe edge in classes designed for beginner, intermediate and experienced students. You can drop in to all of Nora’s classes as your schedule permits but to really grow as a yoga practitioner, regular attendance is ideal. To find out more or sign up, please visit Inspired Yoga Institute Drop-In Classes

matCustomized Yoga Therapy and Private Sessions
A personalized approach to yoga asana and therapy can help you get out of pain, improve your mobility, strength and stamina. Using yoga techniques of posture, breath and meditation, Nora will work with you to establish an effective program to address your individual situation and needs. To book your private session, please visit Nora Maskey Yoga – Customized Private Yoga

whitelilyYoga Workshops
If you like to delve a bit more deeply into alignment-based yoga practice and theory, Nora’s workshops will surely satisfy. Most are offered on Saturday afternoons. Nora’s Asana Lab Series is a great way to explore and refine your yoga practice. Check the latest offerings at: Nora Maskey Yoga – Workshops

InspiredYoga_ImmersionYoga Studies
The 100-hour Yoga Studies program takes you on a journey into the heart of yoga through asana, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology. This program is perfect for exploring the mysteries and profound practices of yoga in a comprehensive way. There is no pressure to teach yoga or any instruction on how to teach, only the pleasure and challenge of learning more about yoga. For a more complete description of the program, please visit: Inspired Yoga Institute 100 Hour Yoga Studies

heartTeaching Skills
Because of its practical hands-on approach, this unique 100-hour training is also ideal for certified teachers who want to review and refine their teaching skills. The prerequisites for teacher training are two years of formal yoga classes as well as the successful completion of the Yoga Studies program or a recognized yoga teaching certificate. Please visit Inspired Yoga Institute 100 Hour Teaching Skills program for more information about this program.

02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200Teacher Training
Learn from authentic and experienced faculty in a supportive and inclusive 200-hour teacher training program. We offer high-quality instruction that is both diverse and practical. We  provide you with the tools and guidance you need to teach yoga effectively. Lending a hand to deepen your understanding in all aspects of yoga this program will fuel your love for your practice. Please visit Inspired Yoga Institute to learn about our year-long and summer intensive programs as well as our new +300 Advanced Teacher Training which begins in September 2015.